RIP Onyx: A Tribute

It’s been too long since I’ve made a post to this blog and sadly it is one of a melancholy tone. I recently had to say farewell to my handsome, loving dog. Onyx, aka Mr. Onyx, aka Mr. Nose, aka Mr. Boo, aka Onyx the velcro dog, aka stink dog, aka the big, brown monster; While he went by many names, he had nothing but love and affection to give. I was beyond fortunate enough to be his human for 12 of his 15 years here. He was three years old when he came into my life and in addition to all the love he had, he was just the best dog in the world. He never chewed shoes or furniture, never got into the trash. He loved people of all ages and other animals alike. He was there for me during some very tough times. He could not have been a better dog. He lived a long life and I can only hope I made it comfortable for him and gave him enough love in return. Unfortunately, his hind legs and quality of life went downhill, slowly at first but then quickly over a couple of days. I had to help him along to the other side in the end. To say I miss him would be beyond an understatement. As the song in the below tribute is titled, I am indeed crestfallen in his absence. I know it will get better and I will be fine. Until then, please enjoy the video. Enjoy his beauty, how handsome he was, and how loving he was.